Helping Hands For Honduras

The Honduran Children’s Rescue Fund is a partner with Helping Hands for Honduras. This organization is based in Honduras but is also a U.S Tax-Exempt 501-(c) 3 corporation. The mission of Helping Hand for Honduras is to identify children with medical conditions that cannot be done in Honduras and arrange treatment. These are often babies born with heart defects, but many other conditions are detected. Initially, “Helping Hands” found pro bono treatment for these children at hospitals in the U.S. The Honduran Children’s Rescue Fund assisted in hosting the patient and parent during the surgical stay that averaged three weeks. While the results were excellent, this proved to be a very costly procedure and the displacement of the child and parent from their family and their normal environment proved difficult. This method is still used for exceptional cases but “Helping Hands” has been able to recruit surgical brigades consisting of pediatric heart surgeons and their teams to perform the more common procedures in Honduras.