HCRF Starting Off Right In Honduras

September 21, 2020

This month Honduran Children's Rescue Fund (HCRF) has delivered life-saving medical supplies & equipment to Honduras in conjunction with the Ohio Air National Guard.

The material is being distributed to various hospitals and clinics throughout Honduras by Helping Hands for Honduras, our strategic, in-country partner. These hospitals are in the rural and urban areas of Honduras where high quality, in date supplies are a scarce resource.

And there were a lot of supplies & equipment!

From Cleveland-based Medwish International, three full semi trucks were carefully staged and loaded before shipping to Youngstown, Ohio's Vienna Air Base, the home of Joint Task Force Bravo (JTFB) in Ohio, which includes the Honduran Military!

HCRF has now coordinated 10 of these shipments over the past several years through USAID and the Denton Program, which allows not for profit organizations such as outs to ship humanitarian aid via the U.S. Military. Although the air shipment is free (thanks to all of us taxpayers), HCRF pays for acquisition of supplies, repairs to equipment, ground transportation, etc.

Thank you for all your help in making this network a reality. HCRF plans on more shipments in 2020; can you help us with a donation?

Let's keep this life-saving program in operation!